Catalyst partnering sponsors are responsible for the acceleration of our blog causing faster changes and implementation of many of our innovative and experimental programs. This will essentially be a cash based sponsorship to provide financial support needed to cover expenses related to but not conclusively
: to hire a celebrity/Talent/Host
: to produce videos
: to initiate events
: to cover administrative cost
: to cover marketing and promotion

This sponsor will enjoy high levels of exclusivity and naming rights on digital and live events.  Recognition on all event day signage as a Signature Sponsor and many more customization and continuations of their existing programs or loyalty systems.

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As it states, this Sponsor helps towards the App Development and promotion with finiancial input to initiate the App creation and development and continue with marketing App to be among the top 10 travel related Apps.

During the course of development, this Sponsor will be part of all related publicity efforts and prominent in the final App with customized methods that satisfy the Sponsor and Sponsors’ Audience.

This sponsor will enjoy high levels of exclusivity and naming rights on digital and live events, as well as possibility for product/brand placements in our video productions for favorite places (Where to go, eat, live, shop, stay and work).

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Partnering with these sponsors will provide users of our blog and App increased engagement and expose millions of users to series of Brand related content while engaging audience through informative and entertaining videos, digital advertising as well as play along experiences like voting, commenting, sharing and doing polls in BK LIVE digital and LIVE events with our social media network while earning rewards for things that they would need to use or do while living or visiting Brooklyn and the Greater NYC.

“Things that are fun and informative to use and lead to a better way of life showing them the best and favorited places to go, eat, live, shop, stay and work which would be your Brands.”

The rewards would be redeemed in the form of gift certificates, gift cards, special day giveaways, prizes, sweepstakes or points towards entering quarterly or annual contest of great value. In the long run we would love that they can redeem their Points for cash with our powerful prepaid debit card, BK Plastik (which may carry your logo or be named after you).

BK partners within the Travel network and related brands to reward users with highly relevant entertainment-based and money saving prizes.

BK can target users based on demographics or specific interest such as places to eat, shop and go by viewing their check-ins, etc. We can also drive interest or deepen the relationship with existing audiences by rewarding them for engaging and learning more about your BRAND with networking programming to create custom experiences via sweepstakes, trips, contest and giveaways.

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Events come in digital (giveaways, sweepstakes, contest) and live ( sponsored free and/or ticketed event for different demographics and genre) form. Both capture and engage the attention of your targeted audience on all our social media networks especially YouTube and Facebook live, webinars, podcast and future app usage and engagement.

Partnering with BK as an Event Sponsor can be a month to month, quarterly or annual commitment. The longer the commitment the more super imposed your visibility in all our events and publicity.

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This sponsor supports our content collection from Live Popular Events coverage to high media content on where to go, eat, shop, stay and live while living or visiting Brooklyn and the greater NYC.   Your sponsorship can be a combination of cash and/or kind with involvement or mention of your brand or company on our blog, in videos and other customization of your community support.)

Compatible sponsors would be

: Merchandiser online and/or  brick & mortar of things to eat and shop

: Transportation company by air,  water, land

: Media production companies

: Hotels, B&B or agencies that manage such

: Real Estate Companies

: Services industries i.e.  Spas, Gyms, Hair Saloons,

: Event Venues

: Freelancers  i.e  Event Planners, Celebrity Agents

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